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run over silent death Empty run over silent death

Post  zX.KiNg.ShOt.zX on Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:46 pm

#Kill Player with silent death
0x0087ABC4 0x6C6C694B
0x0087ABC8 0x616C5020
0x0087ABCC 0x00726579
0x0087BB8C 0x08CC1400
0x0087BC2C 0x08CC1400
0x0087BCCC 0x08CC1400
0x0087BD6C 0x08CC1400
0x0087BE0C 0x08CC1400
0x0087BEAC 0x08CC1400
0x0087BF4C 0x08CC1400
0x0087BFEC 0x08CC1400
0x0087C08C 0x08CC1400
0x0087C12C 0x08CC1400
0x0087C1CC 0x08CC1400
0x0087C26C 0x08CC1400
0x0087C30C 0x08CC1400
0x0087C3AC 0x08CC1400
0x0087C44C 0x08CC1400
0x0087C4EC 0x08CC1400
0x004C1400 0x27BDFFD0
0x004C1404 0xAFA40000
0x004C1408 0xAFA50004
0x004C140C 0xAFA60008
0x004C1410 0xAFA7000C
0x004C1414 0xAFB00010
0x004C1418 0xAFB10014
0x004C141C 0xAFB20018
0x004C1420 0xAFB3001C
0x004C1424 0xAFA20020
0x004C1428 0xAFA30024
0x004C142C 0xAFBF0028
0x004C1430 0x8C850000
0x004C1434 0x3C0608CC
0x004C1438 0x3C0708D7
0x004C143C 0x8CD013FC
0x004C1440 0x20E2E398
0x004C1444 0x20E3E39C
0x004C1448 0x24110080
0x004C144C 0x12110033
0x004C1450 0x02021020
0x004C1454 0x02031820
0x004C1458 0x8C420000
0x004C145C 0x8C630000
0x004C1460 0x22100008
0x004C1464 0x0440FFF2
0x004C1468 0xACD013FC
0x004C146C 0x8470000E
0x004C1470 0x84730010
0x004C1474 0x00139C00
0x004C1478 0x02708026
0x004C147C 0x1605FFEC
0x004C1480 0x84700012
0x004C1484 0x84730014
0x004C1488 0x00139C00
0x004C148C 0x02708026
0x004C1490 0x8C850004
0x004C1494 0x1605FFE6
0x004C1498 0x3C0508D2
0x004C149C 0x8CB9A9B8
0x004C14A0 0x8F390000
0x004C14A4 0x20420002
0x004C14A8 0x1322001C
0x004C14AC 0x00021400
0x004C14B0 0x03221026
0x004C14B4 0x3C0408D7
0x004C14B8 0x8C87E69C
0x004C14BC 0x3C0408D2
0x004C14C0 0xACC013FC
0x004C14C4 0x00C06825
0x004C14C8 0x25A91524
0x004C14CC 0xAD220000
0x004C14D0 0x34050040
0x004C14D4 0x2406FFFF
0x004C14D8 0x34080008
0x004C14DC 0x00005025
0x004C14E0 0x0E22F607
0x004C14E4 0x24849738
0x004C14E8 0x8FA40000
0x004C14EC 0x8FA50004
0x004C14F0 0x8FA60008
0x004C14F4 0x8FA7000C
0x004C14F8 0x8FB00010
0x004C14FC 0x8FB10014
0x004C1500 0x8FB20018
0x004C1504 0x8FB3001C
0x004C1508 0x8FA20020
0x004C150C 0x8FA30024
0x004C1510 0x8FBF0028
0x004C1514 0x03E00008
0x004C1518 0x27BD0030
0x004C151C 0x0A33053A
0x004C1520 0xACC013FC
0x004C1528 0x33C8FFFF


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