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Post  zX.KiNg.ShOt.zX on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:32 pm

#One Shot Kill Detector
0x00513000 0xAFB4003C
0x00513004 0x27BDFFE0
0x00513008 0xAFA40000
0x0051300C 0xAFA50004
0x00513010 0xAFA60008
0x00513014 0xAFA7000C
0x00513018 0xAFA20010
0x0051301C 0xAFA30014
0x00513020 0xAFB00018
0x00513024 0xAFBF001C
0x00513028 0x3C1008D1
0x0051302C 0x80F90004
0x00513030 0x22183100
0x00513034 0x03197825
0x00513038 0x80F90005
0x0051303C 0x81F80000
0x00513040 0x13190007
0x00513044 0x84EF0000
0x00513048 0x200C0042
0x0051304C 0x14180008
0x00513050 0x2B2E0009
0x00513054 0x0019682A
0x00513058 0x01AE7024
0x0051305C 0x11C00004
0x00513060 0x80F80007
0x00513064 0x200E0010
0x00513068 0x170E0005
0x0051306C 0x200C003B
0x00513070 0x220731C0
0x00513074 0xA4EF0000
0x00513078 0x0E233B2B
0x0051307C 0xACEC0004
0x00513080 0x8FA40000
0x00513084 0x8FA50004
0x00513088 0x8FA60008
0x0051308C 0x8FA7000C
0x00513090 0x8FA20010
0x00513094 0x8FA30014
0x00513098 0x8FB00018
0x0051309C 0x8FBF001C
0x005130A0 0x03E00008
0x005130A4 0x27BD0020
0x0051311C 0x03000000
0x00513120 0x00020000
0x00513124 0x02000202
0x00513128 0x00000204
0x00513130 0x05000000
0x00513134 0x00050000
0x00513138 0x00060000
0x00513144 0x00000505
0x00513148 0x06050507
0x0051314C 0x06000000
0x00513158 0x06000000
0x0051315C 0x05000000
0x00513160 0x00060000
0x00513164 0x0C060000
0x00513168 0x0A060006
0x0051316C 0x04060508
0x005131C2 0xFFFF
0x009276BC 0x30004441
0x009276C0 0x4548544F
0x009276C4 0x48530000
0x009276C8 0x00000000
0x000CDF78 0xAFBF0040
0x000CDF7C 0x0e344c00
0x000CDF80 0xAFB30038

Its error, use with anti 35


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