How to play ftb1 on hax psp

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How to play ftb1 on hax psp Empty How to play ftb1 on hax psp

Post  zX.KiNg.ShOt.zX on Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:25 am

Step 1: First we need to make your regular memory stick into a magic memory stick. To do this download psp grader v008 found here -> (also, they took the eboot out of that dload, so download this also -> ) Then plug in your psp via usb or memory card reader. Then check which drive your psp is loacted at. Then run the psp grader (if you are on a vista, right click on the program, and select run as admin). When u run it, make sure u are on an admin profile, or u will not be able to install it correctly. When you have started the program, select the drive where your psp is located, select the format memory stick option (this WILL delete all data on your memory stick, so i recommend making a backup of your psp save data folder by moving the folder to your desktop). Then run the program (choose the option farthest down to the right) and your memory stick should be turned into a magic memory stick..

Step two: u can buy a pandora battery, there cheap online just in google pandora batterys for sale. its really difficult to make one thats why im saying buy one.

Step three: Now we are going to turn on the psp holding the left bumper (located on the top right of your psp). It will give you a color screen with some options. Choost the 5.00 CFW option and let the program run. When it is done, turn off your psp. When you turn it back on, hold the right bumper while you turn on your psp. You should be taken to a recovery screen. Go to the advanced option, and choose the last option given to you. When the program is done, turn off your psp, but make sure to follow the steps after it is done or ur psp will freeze when it is started back up. Turn it back on without the pandora battery in (so plug it into a wall) while holding the right bumper. You should be taken to a recovery menu. Choose the advanced option, and from there choose the very last option it gives you. It should flash your psp. Now when you start back up with the pandora battery in (if when you turn on all you get is a black screen, hold left trigger) and you may or may not get an error. If you do, just restart your psp. When you restart, your psp should be 5.00 CFW. To check this just check your psp's current firmware. (if you need more help go to )

Step four: Now u need to install better custom firmware on ur psp. Go to http: and download the file. Then put the update folder in ur game folder. Then run the update.

Step five: Now we will be putting codepr on ur psp. The best codepr is here-> . Then open the folder and read the readme. It is very easy to put on. (to enable it when the files are all in the right places, just hold R when u start up, then go to plugins, and enable it)
Now, DONT EVER GET RANDOM CODES FOR SOCOM. Most will get u banned the second you use them. (when u download the file, open the seplugins folder on ur psp from ur computer, open the codepr folder, then put the downloaded file in the folder that says cheats . Then start up socom, and wait for it to say press home twice. Do it, then press the volume +/- buttons at the same time. Press start, and there are ur codes. Dont click on any blue stuff, but scrool down to a cheat you want, and press x on it. Then press O untill ur out of codepr, and press the note key (next to brightness) This will activate ur cheats. From there, just keep going to to the cheat screen to turn on/off cheats. But never press the note key again, or ur psp will likely freeze. TO play with no hacks, just de-select all the hacks u previously selected.


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